About the Blog

I thought I’d start out with what this blog will attempt to be about. I was inspired by a post I made on my other blog: A Mind for Madness. My first post will be a reblog of the post I’m referring to. Onto the business.

I started my undergrad career as a music composition major. I’ve studied quite a bit of music theory and composing. I haven’t been into metal very long, so this blog is partially me documenting the process of coming to know the genre better. The other part is that I like metal because in general metal bands are doing great things from a musical standpoint that no other genres will go near. When I tell other musically inclined people that I like metal the main reaction is a look of astonishment. Something along the lines of “I thought you liked good music…” is lurking in that look.

This blog is an attempt to do reviews of metal albums in a seriousness that a music major would review a work of a modern day “serious” composer to show that the metal genre really should be taken seriously by anyone with an interest in music. As such, I’m not into metal for all the same reasons as many people. I could care less is the sound is “heavy.” This is just one component and not the be-all-end-all many people make it out to be. The bands that interest me the most are the ones with great technique pushing boundaries and sometimes going into the avant-garde. This means I’ll probably pass on reviewing lots of big name popular metal bands.

Since I’m relatively new to metal, I probably won’t be keeping my reviews super up-to-date. I’m also a poor graduate student, so I can’t get every new thing that comes out. I’ll try to keep the albums within the past couple of years, so the relevance isn’t completely gone. This also means that my reviews will probably slow down after I get through the ones I’m excited to do right at the start.


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