Eagle Twin: The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Tail Reviewed

Although I’d call Eagle Twin’s The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Tail a major release from Southern Lord records on August 28, 2012, and there have been several reviews, it hasn’t got much (any?) attention from the big blogs. I’ll count this as being under-the-radar. Eagle Twin is a sludge/doom/drone metal band. Strangely enough, even though I usually can’t stand this subgenre, I was really excited for the release.

One of my favorite bands of all time was Iceburn (or The Iceburn Collective). Eagle Twin consists only of two people, and one of them is Gentry Densely from Iceburn. The first “song” is a two-part twenty minute long piece. It is one heck of an amazing ride.

If this style of metal always sounded like this first song I could get into it more. The tone is deep and dark. The pace keeps moving. There is a nice steady build all the way to a humongous climax that completely loses it. This is one of the most exciting moments in metal of the year.

Even though no one except me has listened to Iceburn’s Meditavolutions since 1997 I was a little sad to hear the main riff in Ballad of Job Cain essentially lifted from the song Sphinx. A lot of the chord progressions are lifted from that album as well. Overall the song is totally amazing.

The next song Lorca (Adan) has a pretty great bass line that morphs into a whole song somehow. The rest of the album goes downhill for me. We leave the realm of sludge metal and enter something closer to drone metal. It seems to drag on and on with nothing much happening. I know this is the point of drone metal, but I’m sorry, I get bored.

Despite the droney-ness, I have to admit that every song has a pretty great high moment that pulls me back in. The darkness of the sound and consistent power never go away either. The album finally picks back up several tracks later with It Came to Pass the Snakes Became Mighty Antlers. I could listen to this type of song all day. They then end on a low note in my opinion. Back to the drone.

The album is far from the experimental and jazz influenced Iceburn outfit. Overall, this album should appeal to anyone into sludge, doom, or drone metal. In fact, if you usually like that type of thing, you’ll probably absolutely love this. If you don’t like that type of thing, then you might want to try this out anyway. I found it far more palatable than the usual recommended bands of that genre (Earth).

I’ll continue to listen to this album, and I certainly won’t hesitate to get their next album. I just hope they transition to songs closer in spirit to the first or penultimate one. That’s why I give this a 7.5/10.

Here’s a sample:


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