Miroist: The Pledge Reviewed

The Pledge is the debut EP of Miroist and released April 17, 2012. It has been getting a lot of hype on the Bandcamp metal recommendations, so I decided to check it out. It is only three songs long (thank goodness!).

I can totally see why this type of thing appeals to people. The first time through there is some fun, exciting things going on. It is your classic djent sound. It is easily palatable. These are not qualities a music major would consider good, though. This EP is basically the equivalent of pop metal.

After two listens the stock formula from which these songs are built becomes much more apparent. These songs are all in 4/4. Now there is some slightly technical guitar playing, I admit. But nothing annoys me more than bands sort of imitating bands doing really awesome complicated stuff, but seem to be completely clueless about what makes those bands great.

You can’t make a song in 4/4 more complex by throwing random guitar hits on some off beats. That’s not interesting, and that’s not what the good bands do. It actually drives me nuts to sit and listen to that type of thing. They are attempting the djent formula and producing the most generic, unoriginal stuff I’ve heard in a long time.

Tonally, there is essentially nothing going on. You have your standard pop chords. There is basically no bass line to be found. The bass is a single note that gets played at arbitrary times. There is no melody. The lead guitar is essentially just playing arpeggios.

I hate to rag on a band that is not popular and is at least out there trying to make it. Also, I want them to succeed in the sense that they are really into what they do. You can tell there is a lot of heart and excitement in their playing. I’m sure a lot of people will like this as well. I just happen to find it extremely derivative and boring.

That’s why I give this EP a 3/10. Here’s a sample (sadly, probably the best of the three):

5 thoughts on “Miroist: The Pledge Reviewed

  1. Harry says:

    The problem with slagging off a band in a review is that it requires writing chops to disguise the fact that this is simply a guy saying he doesn’t like the sound of this band very much. When, as here, no such chops are present, its surely better to just write “I don’t like this”. That would save anyone the bother of looking for and failing to find any insight in the six paragraphs above.

  2. Adam says:

    Meshuggah openly admit to basing heaps of their songs around a 4/4 base and are considered one of the most progressive metal bands out there and the forefathers of ‘djent’. But they play in 4/4 so I guess they’re unoriginal too.
    If you don’t like the EP that’s fair enough. But your points are quite lacking in substance.

  3. derp de flagon says:

    What’s wrong? Too deep for you?

    • hilbertthm90 says:

      If you had read the post you would know that my problem with it is quite the opposite. Thoughtful comments like yours really help me understand what I’m missing.

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