Two More Year End Lists

Now that my end of the year list is done I’ll do the semi-standard extra two lists. The first is a collection of things that really piqued my interest, but I just never got around to getting and listening to. The main purpose of blogging the list is to hear feedback on whether it is worth still getting.

This list could of course drag on forever, so I’ll try to keep it brief. The clips of Car Bomb’s ‘w^w^^w^w’ sound really great. Ram Zet and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza are pretty big names in the avant metal scene. I’ve looked up and listened to some songs off their new ones and they also sound fantastic. Out of these three I’m probably most likely to get Danza 4.

Moving away from the avant scene, in the world of doom/drone/sludge I missed out on Neurosis’ Honor Found in Decay. I did a once through from youtube, but of course that isn’t enough to formulate any opinion. I think I could really get into it, but it didn’t excite me enough to go buy it either.

Glancing at my Amazon wishlist (which I find to be one of the easiest ways to keep track of what I want to get) I have a few mystery items. I have no recollection of putting Forgotten Souls’ Sirius 12 on the list, so I actually don’t know what style it is. I remember being super excited about A Forest of Stars’ A Shadowplay for Yesteryears when I first found out about it. That excitment for some reason never panned out to getting it.

Now on to the more controversial list. My biggest disappointments. Before you go slamming my comments with anger, recall these are disappointments. That means that in general I either love the previous releases or was really excited about the release from hearing parts or descriptions from other sources.

I’ll start with a tiny little detail rather than a major upset. The first is Behold the Arctopus’ new one. This band is insane. They are one of the most intense and musically talented bands I’ve ever heard. Their newest release holds this line…until the last song when it literally turns into Krallice. The only thing that held this album back from my top 10 is that last song, but that brings me to another disappointment: Krallice.

I have no prior excitment about Krallice, except when I read fan reviews of them. Fans really hype this band for so many diverse reasons. These reasons tend to be exactly what I look for in a band. Difficult, unique, thoughtfully and thoroughly composed, fantastic musicianship, etc. I always get super excited for a new Krallice release thinking this will be the time I realize their greatness. Don’t get me wrong. I kind of like the new one, but it just doesn’t live up to the hype for me.

Akphaezya was a bit of a disappointment. First, I’m a little annoyed at their label in general. There was no Amazon download option or download directly from their website option. I have no intention of collecting hundreds of CDs, so I have a policy of only downloading music now. Even small unsigned bands find a way to let me give them money through Bandcamp or some such site. The fact that a signed band had absolutely no way for me to download their music really set me off on the wrong foot (you could through iTunes, but iTunes refuses to let Linux users use their program, so …).

Second, their first release is really great and made me overly excited for this second album. I was certainly into it for awhile, but that wore off rather quickly and I never returned which is a bad sign. My last disappointment was Mestis’ Basal Ganglia. I’m a die-hard fan of T.R.A.M. and Animals as Leaders, so when the bassist was going to release an album through Sumerian I got it the day it came out. It was good, but nothing that kept me interested.

There you have it. Some stuff I would have liked to get and some disappointments of the year.


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