Halfway Mini-Reviews 2

A few days ago the Wormed Facebook page linked to my review of Exodromus. Now everyone is going to think that I’m doing this review because of that. Honestly, this almost went in my last mini-review post. The album is Hybrid’s Angst. The band Hybrid shares some members with Wormed.

The reason I haven’t reviewed this yet is that I just haven’t spent enough time with it. I only decided to get it about a week ago. My first impressions are that this is really amazing. It has the same heavy, dense, brutal sound as Wormed, but also incorporates some really interesting extra elements as well. There is a lot more jazz influences. Some songs involve non-traditional metal instruments like didgeridoo and clarinet.

Fans of Wormed will not be disappointed. Fans of more experimental, outside the box thinking will not be disappointed. I could see this becoming a real favorite of the year. I could also see this surpassing the Wormed album. The whole thing is so dense that I haven’t actually absorbed it enough to comment more intelligently at this point. Here’s a sample:

The last album to say something about before going into a halfway through the year roundup is Mourning Beloveth’s Formless. I pointed out in an earlier post that the reason I never reviewed it was that I was just entirely not into it. This is a bit unfair, though. I can think of two main problems. The first is the length. This album is so long that I can listen to it on the entire ride to school and then on the entire ride home and still have some left over. Part of my aversion stems from just how much time I’ll have to put in to get through it once.

The other thing I can pinpoint is that my least favorite track is the first one. It is really long and drawn out, without much interesting happening. My fix has been to skip that track. The album immediately becomes closer to normal length (well, not really) and involves songs I like a lot more. It is amazing what this difference makes.

That is a bizarrely long way of saying why I haven’t reviewed it. I’ve actually come to like my modified version of the album. Not a lot, but still quite a bit. The whole band sound is great. They produce a really raw edge to the guitars and the vocalist is great. This fits in really nicely with their slow trudging through tonal pitch space. Despite sometimes feeling like a drone band with how slowly things change, they actually have a ton of interesting harmony.

The most interesting thing about them is when there comes a texture change from a huge, deep, feedback-y sound which dissolves into a cleaner, higher guitar sound. Or those rare tempo changes. You come to really anticipate these beautiful moments which creates a wonderful non-traditional sense of climax in the song. Here’s a sample:


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