Google Play’s Music Radio Station Review

I just posted this on my other blog and thought it would fit in here too:

A Mind for Madness

Before I get back to some math, I’ve been testing out Google Play’s new music service. In particular, I’m going to review the “Radio Station” feature. If you listen to as much music as I do, then the main service of paying a small monthly fee to play anything as much as you want is great. The service will probably save you hundreds of dollars a year. It is also quite a reasonable selection. The albums I’m looking for appear the day they actually release, and it seems that only big name people I’m uninterested in listening to are the ones that block their music from appearing.

On the other hand I have so many complaints about the radio feature that I’ll probably forget to mention some of them. I can’t figure out how to tell Google how ridiculous some of these features are. I think if they heard these…

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