By The Patient – Gehenna Reviewed

By The Patient is a band from Denmark, and Gehenna is their fifth release. I have no idea how I found this band. They must have been on some list somewhere. I tend to throw any album I come across that looks vaguely interesting into a big Google music library. This album had been sitting there for a very long time, so I figured the time had come to listen to it. This is also their last album as they’ve recently announced they’ve broken up.

Gehenna is Scandinavian-style melodic death metal. They mix it up between tracks quite a bit. Some songs are down tempo, almost doom sounding, while others are thrashy in their speed.

Nothing really stands out on the album. When playing fast, they are tight and have some interesting moments. When playing slow, they build good harmonies and the songs have good motion towards a climax. Unfortunately, most of the songs fall in the middle, and we don’t get to hear either extreme.

The riffs in general are not interesting enough to stand on their own. This weakens the songs considerably, because the songs must get their material from other sources: changing textures, rhythms, and feel. To be fair, there are a few stand out riffs that do work to bring the song together, but this is the exception.

I’m not a big vocals person. Vocals rarely change my opinion one way or the other. Bad vocals don’t ruin excellent instrumental work, and great vocals don’t improve terrible playing. The vocals on this album rub me the wrong way though. They remind me a lot of Gojira but as if the singer were bored. It is hard to pinpoint exactly why. It has to do with the overly precise rhythmic execution and how monotone they are.

Unfortunately, this album is too generic. It isn’t as bad as I’ve made it sound. I’ve listened to it in the background probably 8 or 9 times. I’ll just not remember it in a few weeks. I hate doing negative reviews, but I wasn’t prepared to do a different album today. I give it a 5/10.

Here’s a sample: